I purchase a dis-assembled O-200 engine from a Pietenpol friend of mine. I shall do the reassembly myself. Some parts were missing so I spent some time finding replacements. I have also purchased new pistons, bearings etc for the rebuild.


Pick up from the docks


The painted engine parts (1)


The painted engine parts (2)


The painted engine parts (3)

I have spent a lot of time researching what parts I need for the engine.

The starter supplied needed the starter clutch and the pinion that fits inside the engine. These were difficult to get hold of. If I had to do it again, I would probably go with a new Sky-Tec starter. I would still need the starter pinion bearing or the old pull start shaft to close up the oilway between the two crankcase halves. The sky-tec starter weighs about 4 lbs less than the standard starter.

I couldn’t get all the bits required for the original starter so I have bought a Sky-Tec starter.

The magnetos that came with the engine are the Bendix “Shower of Sparks” variety. They have a lot shorter shaft and smaller case than those supplied for the impusle coupling. I managed to sell them on EBay and buy another set suitable for the O-200.

I have had the crank magnafluxed and polished. All is OK with that. I had the camshaft reground a couple of thou to correct a little wear. The cylinders have had new springs etc and I am having them rebuilt professionally. I also ordered the spring type push rod tubes from Real Gaskets to save all the oil leaks from around the base of the push rods. The carburetor is being rebuilt to satisfy the AD regarding the two part venturi.

The Rebuild


The bottom view of the first two cylinders and push rod tubes fitted


The top side


I bought the Real Gaskets modified push rod tubes to stop any oil leaks


Carburetor and Inlet system installed


Oil sump and filler cap


The engine mount on the fuse


First fit of motor and fuse (1)


First fit of motor and fuse (2)


Notice the amount of offset!