All Years

Date Work
24th March 2008 Ordered Standard Kit from Zenith.
3rd September 2008 Picked up the kit from Port Melbourne.
4th September 2008 Carried out an inventory check. All present and undamaged.
5th September 2008 Organised the parts and tools for rudder assembly.
6th September 2008 Completed the skeleton of the rudder.
7th September 2008 Completed the rudder skins. All primed and rivetted.
8th September 2008 Completed the right hand flap.
9th September 2008 Completed the left hand flap.
10th September 2008 Right hand aileron ready for deburring and primer.
11th September 2008 Left hand aileron ready for deburring and primer.
12th September 2008 Horizontal stabiliser skeleton ready for deburring and primer.
13th September 2008 Started Elevator construction.
14th September 2008 Fitted elevator trim tab and servo. Fitted control horns. Ready to debur and prime.
15th September 2008 Primed and rivetted the right hand aileron.
16th September 2008 Primed and rivetted the left hand aileron and the stabiliser skeleton.
17th September 2008 Drilled and clecoed the bottom of the stabiliser skin
22nd September 2008 Finished assembly and clecoed the horizontal stabiliser.
23rd September 2008 Deburred and primed the stabiliser ready for rivetting.
24th September 2008 Deburred, primed and rivetted the elevator.
25th September 2008 Rivetted the horizontal stabliser and fitted the elevator. Tail all complete.
26th September 2008 Started the fuse floor. Rough cut all Ls and Zs. Drilled millions of holes!!!
27th September 2008 Completed cutting and drilling the Ls and Zs. Started the rudder hinge and messed up the bottom plate. Ordered a new one from Zenith.
28th September 2008 Drilled everything on the fuse floor to rivet size and clecoed.
29th September 2008 Dissasemmbled the fuse floor, deburred, primed and rivetted. Installed the access door and nut plates. Checked out the side panels.
30th September 2008 Cut and fitted the Ls to the rear fuse side skins.
1st October 2008 Fitted the side skins and the HT area. Drilled to size and clecoed.
2nd October 2008 Fitted the HT btacket, top hinge, cable fairings, rear seat channel and the gear channel.All ready to debur and rivet. Started firewall.
3rd October 2008 Firewall ready to drill to size. Laid out parts for front fuse.
4th October 2008 Drilled the firewall to size and clecoed. Drilled and clecoed the front fuselage.
5th October 2008 Fitted the rudder and brakes to the front fuse. Clamped the front and rear fuses, drilled to size and clecoed. Set out the center section spar.
10th October 2008 Spent the last few days getting the engine (O-200) from the docks and sorting out the additional bits I need.
11th October 2008 Fitted the center section spar to the fuse. I need to shift the fuse off the bench on to some trestles to continue.
12th October 2008 Made some wooden trestles. Moved the box with all the parts in outside the garage. I set up the fuse on the trestles. Leveled everything out.
13th October 2008 Re leveled the trestles and fuse (again and again!!!). Fitted the instrument panel and rear seat back. Fitted the rear wing fitting. Need to cut the side skins.
14th October 2008 Fitted the rear wing spar attach brackets to the fuse panel. Cut the rear side skins to match the attach plates.
15th October 2008 Checking out more engine bits.
16th October 2008 Site visit to another 601xl builder.
17th October 2008 Marked and cut the opening for the gear mounting plates. Temporary fitted the aft, middle and baggage tray bulkheads.
18th October 2008 Fitted the gear mounting fittings, uprights and gussetts.
20th October 2008 Fitted the front fuse L angles and clecoed the side skins to shape around the firewall.
24th October 2008 Fitted the rear spar attach channel.
27th October 2008 Started fitting the baggage floor.
28th October 2008 Baggage floor fitted, still need some more holes drilled.
29th October 2008 Painted the engine bits.
1st November 2008 Fitted the nut plates for the spar access panels.
3rd November 2008 Fitted the rear seat back center and torque tube bracket.
7th November 2008 Rear frame completed with flap motor bracket fitted.
8th November 2008 Cut and fitted the upper fuse doublers. Will need more trimming when the clecos are removed.
10th November 2008 Temporary fit of the wing attach uprights.
11th November 2008 Drilled the rest of the holes and fitted the baggage tray.
12th November 2008 Fitted one half of the rear top skin. I need to drill some correct size holes to retrieve some clecos!
13th November 2008 Retrieved some clecos and finished the other side of the rear top skin.
18th November 2008 Having bought some more clecos I managed to get started with the front top skin.
20th November 2008 Waited for a friend to arrive so I could drill out the baggage area for the A4 size rivets. I had to remove the top skins.
22nd November 2008 Refitted the top skins. Fitted the front hoop and rear seat belt fittings.
24th November 2008 Trimmed the front top skin to fit the front hoop. Cut and fitted the L angles for the antenna reinforcment.
1st December 2008 Spent some days working out engine details and researching parts.
2nd December 2008 Drilled the firewall/side skins and clecoed in place. Drilled and clecoed the uppper longeron doubler.
4th December 2008 Fitted the lower side seatbelt attachment brackets. Trial fit of the seat side panels. I found the parts supplied were different from the plans. Emailed Zenith.
6th December 2008 Zenith replied that I should use some L angle along the top of the seat base. Actually shows that in the old photo guides!!! Wonder why the change. Drilled out the top skins for A4 rivets.
10th December 2008 I eventually managed to borrow a set of wing jigs and setup the center section spar. Drilled the holes in the floor for the spar rivets.
12th December 2008 Drilled and fitted the spar uprights. I still need to match drill the spar attachment holes.
14th December 2008 I checked out all the rivet holes to see if everything is to the correct size. The fuse is about ready to dissassemble, debur, prime and reassemble.